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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 24, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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good night. we'll see you next time. egins n. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight went find a single cuban voice that my parents were exiled. >> bill: marco rubio responding to the "the washington post" saying he was not truthful about his parents' from cuba. vice presidential consideration. >> if they say i would like you to consider being vice president, you are going to say? -- >> move that, get out of the way. get out of the way. >> bill: more troubling activity by the occupiers. now they are targeting banks and disrupting business. juan and mary katharine on that. >> he can't do a whole lot about the economy right now. >> will the mainstream media provide cover for president obama on the economy?
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provocative question. bernie goldberg has the answer. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening because we have in-depth interview with senator marco rubio in florida. the "the washington post" is raising questions about senator rubio's family and his political narrative as a son of parents who fled castro's cuba. according to the paper mr. rubio did not accurately put forth a time line and ginned up his parent wants refugee status. that's a very emotional and touchy issue. we wanted to hear senator rubio's response. also, will the senator consider a vice presidential run? i spoke with marco rubio on friday. hi, senator, the beef the "the washington post" has and they are making a pretty big deal out of it, i'm not really seeing the
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great importance of the story, is that your time line is off on your family history of coming from cuba to the united states. did you mislead anybody in your family history when you talked about it. >> absolutely not. the date that my parents came i was always under the impression that it was the late 50s until very recently realize that it wasn't. >> bill: they came earlier. >> they came earlier as legal residents to the united states. no special privilege. irrelevant whether they are exiles or not. the day i was born in 1971, my parents could not return to the nation of their birth unless they were willing to live under communism. 1956, the opportunities they had in the united states were better than the opportunities they had in cuba. >> bill: it wasn't a communist thing for them primarily. they wanted to come for a better life. >> the first time they came, right. >> bill: when they tried to go back, they saw the chaos that was throw had imposed on the island and they were lucky enough to get back. most of them couldn't at that point. >> they won't find a single credible cuban american voice in miami that will dispute that my
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parents were exiled. >> bill: why do you think the "the washington post" is making a big deal about it? >> i don't know. obviously bad reporters that have -- >> bill: did they call you before they published the article. >> they published the article and then they interviewed me. >> bill: they didn't call you before. >> they may have called thes office before. they posted the article before they interviewed me and added some of my statements into it the bottom line it misses the point. i don't need to embellish my. i am the son of exiled immigrants. >> bill: some say the "the washington post" want to do a hit job on you because, you know, you are a rising star in the republic party. possible v.p. candidate in under consideration. do you believe that? >> i don't know what their motivations were. i mean,. >> bill: are you mad about it. >> i'm not mad about it i want the record to be straight. if they say i got the dates wrong, they are right. i admit that i didn't know but i got the dates wrong. if they want to say my parents weren't exiles and i mislead people about the essence of my personal story, that's not fair, it's outrageous. i really wish they would have
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recollected their article. i don't think it accurately reflects what i have said or what the essence of my story is. >> bill: you were critical last week of president obama even after qaddafi was killed. while some americans say he did the right thing. why did you remain critical after qaddafi died. >> i'm glad things have worked out the way they did. here is the problem. the fact that this is a protracted conflict. the fact it took some months. >> bill: eight months. >> a lot of infrastructure has been destroyed in libya that has to all be rebuilt. 30 some militias have been built. a bear to get them to disarm. instead of building the workforce and young country are men that need medical rehab prosthetics because they have been injured in war. the cost of rebuilding the country has gone exponentially high. had the united states gotten engaged earlier and more aggressively what happened last week would have happened months ago and cost a lot less money and been a lot less uncertainty. here is what happens happened over the last eight months thousands of shoulder fired rockets are v. gone missing.
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these rockets are out there capable of shootings down and airplane and we don't know where they're. >> bill: would you have put american troops in that place. >> no. we would have done a no-fly zone earlier in the process. the rebels would have gotten them when they asked for it, this would have been over in a week. >> bill: quicker but not more military presence. >> not on the ground. nato has limited capabilities. the british and french work very hard and did a good job. they don't have the weaponry we have. if we had stayed in that effort longer this thing would have ended sooner as well. >> bill: you have been watching the republic debates. >> yeah. >> bill: you have seen all 90 of them yet? they never end. new cable channel 24. >> like a reality show. >> bill: see these guys on stage and congresswoman bachmann, are you in the flow here. >> i have opinions about some of the things they say. it's not that they necessarily got it wrong it's just that i would have said it differently. >> bill: who is closest to your opinion of the republic candidates. >> the truth is and i know it's going to sound political. >> bill: come on.
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who is closest. >> they all have elements of things i agree with. >> bill: there has got to be somebody. >> i think on the foreign policy realm mitt romney is closer. >> bill: romney on foreign policy. >> that's probably true of gingrich who is deeply invested in public policy. i have known him for a long time. >> bill: on taxes? >> i'm in favor of a flat tax. i have always believed in simplifying the tax code. i think there are some plans out there to do that i'm encouraged that herman cain is offering his plan. >> bill: doesn't hurt to start. >> there more importantly forcing other candidates to offer theirs. that's a good thing. if we are going to have a debate in the republic primary on ideas, we will win this election in 2012. i think that's what i hope will be. and that's what these candidates are allowing to have happen is that they are engaging in ideas-driven debate. >> bill: what about them punching each other perry and romney? >> do we like to see it? no. the democrats did it they ran 50 state primary it didn't hurt barack obama. >> bill: defend you when they go after each other. >> that's going to happen. when does it not happen? >> bill: it's amusing. >> i don't know if it's amusing. it's part of the process. none of us have to be in
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politics we can decide to do something else with our lives. >> bill: you are a feisty guy. if somebody came um to you and said -- i think you would go back at them, wouldn't you? >> in the most effective way possible, i suppose. >> bill: passion is good though. >> it's important to have the record set straight. >> bill: there is focus on you as a possible v.p. candidate because florida obviously is a state that the republics have to win and you are a hispanic american and republicans have to get the hispanic to at least consider voting for them this time around. so, that's -- you are at the top of pretty much everybody's list. not saying that they are going to pick you, but you are being considered. all right? what do you think about that? >> well, i'm honored by it but quite frankly i'm focused on my job on the senate. >> bill: everybody says that. >> it's true. >> bill: of course it's true. you are a senator they elected to help you in florida to help them and you have. >> to i haven't been there a year yet. >> bill: that's what christie in new jersey. >> right. >> bill: you could get a call, it's very very possible. you north going to sit here and rule out. >> let me tell you why i do.
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>> bill: are you ruling it out right now on the factor. >> yeah. >> bill: i want to get this straight. so, no matter who the nominee is, for the republic party, if they say i would like you, senator rubio, to consider being vice president, you are going to say absolutely not, i'm not going to do it? >> yeah. i'm going to say i have been here in the united states senate for about a year. there are some things i want' to finish here. i want to accomplish some things in the united states senate. >> bill: it's off the table. >> it is. >> bill: almost shocking. you are just made for. this you are good on tv. you are absolutely a conservative. you represent hispanic americans in a fine way. and if you could elevate the republic party into the white house, you are telling me you wouldn't? >> why can't i do that from the senate? >> bill: because you can't. >> sure you can. absolutely. no you are one of 100 there. >> there is a lot of important public policy that's come out of the senate. the senate is an important place. we can do a lot of good there if we focus on it i believe i can do as much good in the united states senate. >> bill: what if we kidnap you? >> that changes everything.
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>> bill: i'm glad you are being honest with the folks. certainly this is going to be a nasty campaign and in florida it's going to be super nasty. >> well, when you have a president whose record is one of making things worse, they have no choice to make it that way. that will be unfortunate. the american people deserve better than that. >> bill: i can see new 10 years, maybe even sooner running for president yourself. >> or having a show here on fox. [ laughter ] >> bill: you might want to think about that senator. [ laughter ] >> bill: the rubio factor. i have got to get out of here sometime. absolutely you can slide right in here. i could see you running for president. first cuban american president i could see it? >> that would be tremendous honor. obviously those are things that present themselves down the road. >> bill: absolutely. >> here is the key. right now it's really important for me at this stage, 9, 10, 12 months in my career in the senate to focus on that and not talk about these other things because it starts effecting the way you behave and how you vote and how you do things. there will be plenty of time for those kind of decisions later on. >> shepard: senator, it's a
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pleasure to have you in. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: tomorrow we have governor rick perry on the program for the first time. we hope you check it out. next on the run down, brit hume will respond to the rubio interview. later, bernie goldberg on whether the national media will provideovov capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ] yeah, so last week we had a surprise party for our dear friend, lizzy. surprise! surprise! surprise! surprise! [ woman ] happy birthday! [ male announcer ] some parties need a bowl of queso. made from creamy velveeta
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>> bill: continuing with lead story marco rubio from florida.
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brit hume. page one on the "the washington post" story is it a big deal. >> no. much a do about not very much. the post tried to blow it up into a big deal but i don't think it passed the smell test. >> bill: politically, is that why they did it or would you have have run that story on page one if you were the editor. >> if i were the editor i would have run the story. i might not have run it on page 1. inside page. make sure i had his full explanation of what it was. when you add it up it has to do whether his parents were -- whether they fled castro or whether they didn't go back because castro was there. i think it's a minor descrings and i think -- distinction and it's not worthy. in that sense it was a cheap shot. it's been -- the miami herald wrote a very strong story basically rebutting it, which is an unusual thing for another newspaper to do. particularly a liberal newspaper. i think the post ended up with kind of a black eye on this one. >> bill: okay. now, we have seen this with john mccain in 2008 where the "new york times" blew up this lobbist
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relationship that he had and, of course, nothing came of that now we are seeing the "the washington post" with rubio and this and that. so, you know. viewers might say, look, it's a liberal play to get the conservative. and you say? >> well, what i would say about that is, you know, that's not exactly how any of them want to express it to each other, the "new york times" or the "the washington post." a reporter gets a tip on a story like this. this guy rubio is flying pretty high and playing up do you cuban background and trying to make out his family fled castro and that's a big part you can sort of argue to himself of his whole image and whole persona. here are facts that dispute that. that's pretty interesting stuff. it would appeal to you. if you heard the same story about somebody who you were sort of personally nor sympathetic too, it might not sound as good a story. bias is insidious that way. it's not a let's get the conservative. the story looks like a bigger story when it's somebody that you don't find quite as
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attractive as you might otherwise. >> bill: you do find passive bias. >> unconscious bias. there is a lot of that you really have to ask yourself would i be doing this story if it were so and so, somebody you prefer? >> bill: i looked at this story. i didn't think it was a big deal because the senator, as he said, his parents went back to cuba after castro had taken over and then they had to get the hell out of there again because it was so oppressive. i don't know why they are splitting hairs. okay. he says no v.p. and you say? >> well, that's what you say. if he were to suggest to you bill anyway that he was eligible or willing. the word would go out he is vice president. that would then tint everything he does between now and when that choice is made. people are say he is doing that because is he running for vice president. >> bill: is he pretty definite is he not going to do it? >> he is definite that he is not going to campaign for it i think when it got down to it party in its moment has just selected its
8:16 pm
nominee. >> bill: you heard me frame it, if you could get the republic party in the white house and he still says no, i wouldn't do it. come on. >> he says i could do it for the senate. i don't think so. i think when it gets down to it if he he were to say it's been put to me personally by whoever it is and, he could certainly still doing doo that having said what he said. i think he had to say what he said. >> bill: i don't know. i would be surprised. he would be a good vice presidential choice logistically. need florida. need hispanic americans to tune on in to the republic party. very articulate. good on tv. >> brit: right. >> bill: let's say mitt romney wins the nomination. mitt romney is going to have to put a conservative on the second, correct. >> rubio is a very big hero to american conservatives because he articulates in their eyes their case very well. he has all this other stuff going for him. he has the ethnic background that he didn't come from a lot really. he has got youth.
8:17 pm
you know, is he kind of dazzling articulate. all of that it's no accident that he gets mentioned a lot as a potential vice presidential nominee. >> bill: do you know any other conservatives that might fit into romney's view? >> off the top of my head, look what happened over the weekend bobby jindal in louisiana who has ath ethnic background dark-skinned made this tremendous political -- jungle primary down there where you win enough in the primary you win the election. >> bill: very articulate. >> very articulate guy. he had unfortunate moment when he gave the rebuttal to the state of the union one night. but he is an attractive guy as well. >> bill: if a conservative like rick perry who we are going to have on here tomorrow and -- kill the music for a minute. i have got to ask this question. or herman cain get it, they are going to have to put a more moderate guy, right, on the ticket with them? is that what you expect. >> not necessarily. you do -- you sometimes do look
8:18 pm
for ideological bounce on the ticket. sometimes geographical bounce. you have to have somebody on the ticket who really is a credible potential vice president and it can hurt you marginally if you don't. it's happened before. >> bill: got to be state by state so the governor of virginia would be in play. >> exactly right. >> bill: i have got perry here tomorrow, what question do you want me to ask him? give me your toughest? >> get in with him about the details of flat tax proposal. because they are exciting but they can be -- they can back fire on you as you have seen to some extent with cain. that would be fret fruitful inquiry. >> bill: get into illegal immigration with the governor as well, which should be interesting. >> understood. >> bill: more troubling activity from the occupiers. they hassle banks in california. they hassle banks in california. juan and mary kathari [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins had a tree that borthe most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ]
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>> bill: demonstrations occurring in 20 major cities and things are very intense out in oakland, california where protesters invaded two banks over the weekend. [chanting] >> get out the way. get out the way. >> ♪ we got sold out. >> no home loans for them. joining us from washington fox news analyst mary cat ridge. do you still, juan, think these protests can help the democratic party? >> i want to answer that let me just say with regard to rubio, i just get so aggravated when republics refuse to acknowledge you know what? we went into libya and we got the bad guy. that's exactly the point and i don't understand why someone as
8:23 pm
smart as marco rubio wants to talk about damage to infrastructure or hurt soldiers. does that mean he wouldn't have gone into iraq? that's crazy for republicans to say that stuff. anyway, to answer your question about occupy wall street, listen, occupy wall street, i think it's -- this is halloween season, republicans are in a fright over occupy wall street. how scared republicans are that, in fact, it's activating the democratic base. and it's changing the native. narrative going away from high unemployment and problems with the debt republicans represent all these rich wall street guys who are going to get the big bonuses over the holidays and all of a sudden people are talking about occupy wall street as evidence, you know, somebody standing up against the corporations and the banks. someone saying the rich should pay more taxes that's all over the country. >> are you scared of the occupiers? are you frightened of their message and their delivery? >> no, not particularly.
8:24 pm
i will jam out to a drum circle and say it doesn't bother me. but, i will say that part of the movement also is they recognize actually, in many cases obama and congress right now actually have gotten a lot of donations from wall street. they are not necessarily a partisan movement against republics. i think that's something for democrats to keep in mind. they love their civil disobedience. they will continue to do it because they don't have to pay a price for it in the media as the tea party would. here is what occupy wall street's issue is going forward. right now dealing with the politics of keeping their political movement going. they are not using their movement to move national politics in the way of sort of like registering voters. they may be doing some of that back when the tea party was organizing, they were going back home and running for precinct chairman and stuff. because this movement is a live where you protest movement, they are having to deal with city councils and neighbors and businesses about where they can use the bathroom, where they can sleep. these things were not something that was occupying the tea party because they were outsourcing most of their bathroom
8:25 pm
facilities and stuff to their houses. >> bill: independence, juan are going to decide the next election. you would agree with that right? independent americans? >> yes. >> mobilize base all day long and it doesn't matter. >> why do you say that? if they turn out people, bill. where do you think that billion dollars for obama is coming from? >> bill: look, he doesn't have -- before these people existed he was raising gazillions of dollars. >> is he going to continue. >> bill: good for him. i'm an independent, all right? i looked at this group in the beginning and gave them a shot and. ed to know what they were all about. once they started to attack our personnel here, including john stossel and geraldo and all of that, i said, you know what? i don't want any part of these people. i guarantee you 90%. 90% of independent americans, juan are saying the same thing, we don't like him. we don't trust him. we think they're radicals and if anybody throws in with them we are going to vote against that anybody. that's what's going on, juan. >> no. but you -- remember, about 60%
8:26 pm
of americans tell pollsters they are, in fact, in sympathy with the idea. >> bill: that was last week. >> the wall street people are a bunch of greedy bumps. >> bill: wait until you see new poll. not 60's. 45. more loons like you saw over the weekend. they will. because continue, mary katharine, to get themselves in the media they have got to do this stuff. the media is tired of the story now. >> if they become anarchists, if they are doing stuff like in that video. >> they are already there. >> bill: they are already anarchists, what do you want to do burn your house down? >> they are not people going no wreath. that's not happening. overdramatic about that. >> bill: people arrested in new york after walking across the bridge. >> that's not a big deal. if they're anarchists and start throwing molotov cocktails everybody will turn off. it's to the that point. >> bill: it's at the fringe there. all right, mary katharine, what were you going to say?
8:27 pm
>> if the tea party made parks look like an episode of hoard hoarding, blocked the brooklyn bridge, done half the things they would have paid the price this group has not paid. that does not mean this group is not without legitimate grievances. if you look at the polling from doug schoen more than half of them say they would not necessarily vote for obama. i'm not sure this is a super excited base for democrats. >> that's a good point. >> the closer democrats get to this base. >> bill: i think they are poison right now. >> it's dangerous. >> bill: i don't think -- if president obama continues to put them up as a legitimate symbol. he is going to lose even more support. >> bill: mary katharine and waterboarding. >> curious a lot of republicans are mad at the idea that wall street got bailed out. >> bill: i'm mad, too i don't want those people. i'm mad, too. but those people are way too much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. steve jobs, did very a religious conversion shortly before he
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as long as we keep these safe. there you go. thanks. [announcer:] conocophillips. >> bill: personal story segment tonight, are american boys in trouble? many things have changed in boy land. used to be a rough and tumble place. in this p.c. age, boy stuff is frowned upon in many precincts. what are the implications of that for the country? with us now dr. william bennett former secretary of education under president reagan. author of the book of man, readings on the path to manhood. so, doctor, what is the central theme? what are you trying to get across. >> there the central theme of the book is that we have gotten off the path. it takes intentional effort to turn boys into men. you have to j v. you have to have an idea to be a man. >> you have what. >> two boys. >> >> bill: macho men. >> one american. >> bill: tie them up in the
8:32 pm
basement? >> i basically let mrs. bennett do her work. >> bill: you let the wife turn them into men. >> we both worked on it. it's a big job to make boys into men. you need to shape them. give them ideas. >> bill: be specific. people are getting lost. the traditions we used to have or. gone. i'm trying to get touch football brought back in my neighborhood there are tons of kids. looking at touch football, what's that? so, when you have a male child, and you are a father, let's stick with the fathers, how do you train the boy to become a man? what do you do. >> imitation pointing. the old greek word you did latin and greek. imitation. point out to your boys men and say be like those men. the men i point out in my book. the guy who got all the guys for morgan stanley out of the tower on 9/11. marco rubio, your earlier guest. >> bill: you profile him. >> that's a great story. that's the story of a man. >> bill: give them role models.
8:33 pm
>> give them role models. >> bill: john wayne and clint eastwood. >> sure they can be fictional as long as they embody the real virtues. >> bill: those are. >> critical ones are work and marriage and faith. >> bill: all right. so, your traditional view, obviously. >> yes. >> bill: the p.c. people aren't going to agree with you. they are going to want more sensitivity and more diversity. >> a lot of the p.c. people, including the feminist are not happy with the results. what we are seeing is that when we said you go, girl, they went. they did it. but men are falling behind in achievement, in work, in ambition, everything. the feminist are not celebrating. this because you know why? they are looking for men. and if you look at men and you talk to women this their 20's and 30's, they will say what's wrong with the men? am i going to have to drop my standards in order to get married? >> bill: correct me if i am wrong, but a lot of the progressive community doesn't want the traditional john wayne type here i am and i'm the king
8:34 pm
of the castle. they don't want that. >> they like to rale against it but what they are railing against, bill, i think is a character. they are railing against macho and puffing. a guy who walks around and acts like he is the biggest cock of the walk. what they do want is men who are responsible, men will take the role of protecter. you started with boys. boys -- when boys act out, what are they doing? they are doing, this they are playing, they are shooting, they are soldiers. they want to do the right thing. part of that role is protecter. that got lost. that got confused along the way. >> bill: what happened around the country to make so many men derelict fathers. not marry the woman who bears their children. not pay their child support. you know, you know, it's legion now. >> it's what you do every night. it's cultural revolution. >> bill: what happened? what was the thing in our society that made that acceptable in certain circles? >> i think stuff that came out of hollywood. stuff that came out of other parts of the culture. government policy. welfare policy. look, one of the reasons we have a boy to man problem is
8:35 pm
fatherlessness, it's never been greater. so if you don't have that guy in the house filtering and pointing and bringing other men in and saying this is what you should be like, then it's more difficult. six new sitcoms this fall on the networks, five of them have men these kind of woosified feminized men. last man standing may be a comment on the age. it takes a lot of work to turn buy boys into men. fathers, coaches, teacher. >> even occasional nuns. >> bill: you have to do it or. >> we lose families. we lose energy. we lose ambition. we lose achievement. we may lose more than that after all, you know, there are 2500 seals in the united states and on a saturday night in america, there are 50,000 guys in bars saying they are seals. that tells you it's still alive. we need that. >> bill: the book of man. thanks for coming. in we appreciate it? >> thank you.
8:36 pm
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she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment as everybody knows the media was very sympathetic to barack obama in 2008. this time around things are different. the economy is bad. president's poll numbers are down and some liberal americans are turned on him. yesterday on meet the press, president obama was a topic of conversation. >> the president can really effect foreign policy. those are where the leadership moments are made. he can't do a whole lot about the economy right now. but he can certainly make a case about leadership around the world. but does it carry on into a campaign? >> of course it does. i mean, if he has success in this iraq pullback, it will be very helpful to him.
8:40 pm
but i do think presidents can do something about economies. >> bill: so do i. joining us now from north carolina the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. i don't want to pick on mr. gregory, the president can't do very much about the economy. i think most people disagree with that. >> right. >> bill: but going forward, do you see the same amount of enthusiasm by the establishment media toward president obama? >> well, the media can't possibly be as enthusiastic this time around as they were last time around. i think that's a physical impossibility. i mean, if they slobber all over him this much this time as they did last time the media and the president would have to get a room. if the question is will they be as enthusiastic or not as but enthusiastic again, i think the answer is yes. look four years ago they picked up their pompoms the media did and put on short skirts and went
8:41 pm
and cheered him because president obama was not al gore or john kerry or michael decall cushion or one of those guys. he was a historic figure. they fell madly in love with him, bill. it isn't easy once you fall madly in love with somebody to a few years later fall out of love with that person much the best indicator of how somebody is going to act in the future is how they have acted in the past. i think based on that, the media, once obama is facing a real opponent, will do what they have done in the past and they will be enthusiastic for him again. >> bill: all right, now, is marco rubio play by the "the washington post" which brit hume says is an example of kind of passive bias. is that what we are going to see a very heavy scrutiny placed on any powerful republicans as opposed to not so much on the democrats and the president? >> yeah. first, let me say i think brit hume's analysis about why the media does it was 100% correct. when he said if they like marco
8:42 pm
rubio, they probably wouldn't have been as enthusiastic about it. so, the form that it's going to take, bill, you are not going to see brian williams go on the air and say vote for barack obama and not vote for his idiot opponent. it's never like that. what you will see when you hear david gregory -- i will give you two examples. david gregory goes on as you hear in that sound bite i want to get the exact words and says barack obama, referring to him, he can't do a whole lot about the economy right now. well, that's not true. he can. he can change energy policy, which would produce hundreds of thousands of jobs. he can stop bashing business. he can tell people to cut back on their ridiculous rules and regulations that stifle growth. but david gregory, whatever his reasons were, and he is a smart guy. i'm not attributing any ill motives to him, but whatever his reasons were, you know how it sounds? it sounds like here is another liberal journalist saying don't
8:43 pm
blame barack obama, it's not his fault, you know, the economy isn't his fault. well, that's how subtle bias works. that's how it will work in the future. and i will give you one other example. let's say the republic candidate has some crazy pastor in his background who either said bigoted things or just plain nutty things, the media rightly. rightly will find that minister and expose him. no problem. but they didn't do that with barack obama and his crazy minister, did they? they didn't jump on that story until they had to, until fox and other stations started running the videotape with reverend wright's most outrageous statements. so that's how the bias is going to work this time around. it won't be blatant. it will be subtle. a lot of times the audience won't even catch it but it will be out there. >> bill: all right. because that will be a theme for the president trying to convince people to vote for him is that, look, the economy is not my
8:44 pm
fault. you know, i inherited this. we did the right moves. we made the right moves. already said that. if we hadn't made them we would be in 1929 and all of that. look at this. and they will find something to, you know, tick up. and i agree with you. i expect the media do seize on all of that and try to put it in the most gentle light possible rather than scrutinizing the record, which is fairly dismal. >> that will be the forum of the bias in the campaign. >> bill: yes. okay. now, on qaddafi, we he had a debate here at the factor on what to show the audience about his pictures of his death and all of that. and we show pretty much everything we had, you know, some people said you shouldn't. we didn't show that i mean, we are showing it now. but to me, i wanted to get across and i thought it was important for people to know if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. and i think people need to know
8:45 pm
what happens. >> right. i agree with you. let me say. this generally, and i will explain what i mean by generally in a second. i think -- i personally have no problems with news organization showing an almost dead or a dead muammar qaddafi. i have no problems even when the pictures are gory. it's news and that's a legitimate thing to cover. so i have no problem with that where the problem arises is when it becomes gratuitous. when they don't just show qaddafi being dragged through the street, which is legitimate news. but when they show it over and over and over. >> bill: repetitive loop, absolutely. >> when they do that, then they are just trying to attract eyeballs to the newspaper or to the tv the way we are attracted to car wrecks. there is not a whole bunch of difference there show and move ahead. we this to show at the top of this segment to show what we're talking about. don't have to show it again. >> show it a few times and that's it.
8:46 pm
>> bill: your humble correspondent me will be on "the today show" tomorrow morning i should tell you 7:05 in support of "killing lincoln." support of a brand new o' question for you what would be your first tv news choice. you see the candidates there. select one. give you the results later on this week. rick perry goes after herman cain's abortion statements and steve jobs on god. was he converted in the last days of his life. check after these messages. [ ma announcer ] the cold aisle can overwhelming.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check, lots to show you this evening. check one, jean just steve jobs who died from cancer earlier this month subject of new book featured on 60 minutes. the most compelling part of the interview was jobs' relationship
8:50 pm
with the deity. >> i remember sitting in his backyard in his garden one day. he started talking about god. he said sometimes i believe in god. sometimes i don't. i think it's 50/50 maybe. ever since i have had cancer, i have been thinking about him more. and i find myself believing a bit more. i kind of, maybe it's kind of because i want to believe in an after life that when you die it doesn't all disappear. the wisdom you have accumulated somehow it lives on. then he paused for a second and he said but sometimes i think it's like an on/off switch. click, and you are gone. he paused again and he said that's why i don't like putting on off switches on apple devices. >> bill: check two. on another tv news magazine 20/20 bernie madoff's son who committed suicide. one thing i have learned in this life people rarely change. evil stays evil no matter what they say. stefanie madoff mac tried to make madoff feel guilty about
8:51 pm
his deeds in correspondence. it didn't work. >> yeah. my plan kind of back fired. in the first letter he wrote back to me as you can imagine, i am quite the celebrity and am treated like a mafia done. they call me either uncle bernie or mr. madoff. i can't walk anywhere without someone shouting their greetings and encouragement to keep my spirit up. >> so you read that and you are just sick? >> smoke and pissed and sick to my stomach. >> bill: indeed. no surprise narcissist like madoff will never show remorse. herman cain under fire over some comments he made on abortion. >> i believe that life begins at conception. and, abortion, under no circumstances. >> if one of your female children, grandchildren was raped. >> um-huh. >> you would honestly want her to bring up that baby as her own. >> you are mixing two things
8:52 pm
here, pierce. >> why? >> you are mixing two things. >> that's what it comes down. >> to it comes down to it's not the government's role or anybody else's role to make that decision. >> it is a liberal can a northward to say i am personally pro-life but government should stay out of that decision. if that is your view, you are not pro-life. you are pro-having your cake and eating it too. [ applause ] >> bill: another reminder governor perry will be on the factor tomorrow night. check four, mitt romney stepping up campaign with internet ad. >> the economy in the last three years barack obama in offices specially nevada has nothing but a down trend. >> i have seen things continually get worse since president obama took office. >> i just lost my job recently so i'm officially retired. >> from 60 employees to 20. >> welcome. >> welcome. >> welcome to nevada. >> welcome to nevada, president obama. >> bill: nevada being one of the
8:53 pm
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book signing is free, but you will need to get a wristband because we expect a lot of people to show up. if you want signed copies of the book for christmas gifts, holiday gifts, get your orders in now because i am only one man. and i have already been signing my butt off for weeks. and it's going to get worse. we want to get it to you. please remember all the money i receive goes to charitable causes. now the mail. jean. bill, follow the money and you will find out who has a vested interest in the continuing occupier displays. very early in the story we defined that for you, big labor unions and far left organization like move on are funding the protests. >> you are misguided in the extreme, anthony, in the
8:57 pm
extreme. reverend king was appalled by racial violence on both sides and the mover meant sent back the relations decades. >> david bell. >> and josh hunt, new mexico. and henderson, nevada. >> that's not what i said, charles, not what he said. we were discussing whether the war was worth the and treasure we expended. certainly an important and valid question. roland jones from linwood, waugh. glad i could contribute in some
8:58 pm
small way. >> the book doesn't do it, kathy, the outlook for the future is bleak. and tom, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> a signed copy of killing lincoln on its way to you, tom. thank you for the poem. and pinhead and patriots. at the world series last night president bush threw out the first ball. >> george w bush. >> okay, you tell him that was a passed ball. >> oh, don't you think texas
8:59 pm
pitcher's rangers owner should have caught that ball? he would have been angry if some catcher did that to him. he was a very feisty player. i remember him on the mets here in new york. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. no talking points memo but it's worth your while to go into it lots of good stuff. we would like you to spout off from the factor from anywhere in the world. o' the word of the day, do not be a mountbank when writing to the factor. it's a real word. it's a description of a person, not a real bank. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you.


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